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"Why would you leave?"

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where have you been?

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I'm fed up, Rae.

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don’t let chop do his one-eared elephant joke anymore. it’s not as funny as he thinks it is.

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The doctors looked at my legs and said, “Didn’t hurt? Didn’t it hurt so much when you were doing it that it burned to breathe?” At least it reminded me that I survived… but only just.

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"Do you think we can be heroes?”

"No. But let’s be cowards together.”

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iphone lockscreens/homescreens 

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Hey so remember that time I said I wanted “Be a Finn, Not a Simmy” on a t-shirt? Well, I kind of designed these. I don’t know if I want them on shirts but I thought I’d post what I had anyway. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the words with or without Finn’s silhouette, so here’s both. There’s also s version with black backgrounds and white text. Yep. Also, idk, if anyone’s interested in getting them on shirts, I could put them on one those sites (although I will admit that I have NO idea how to use them). So… yeah. Let me know, I guess! :)

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